Jolly Washer Express

Environmentally Friendly!

Jolly Washer Express prides itself as being the greenest most environmentally friendly carwash in Sonoma County. Our carbon footprints have been minimized by installing high efficient LED light fixtures throughout the property. These lights fixtures not only use a fraction of the electricity, but also have motion sensors which dim the light when no one is present. Additionally, our solar panels produce enough energy to power up to 10 homes. 

In order to conserve Santa Rosa's drinking water supply, Jolly Washer Express uses well water to wash your car. Part of the water used in the wash cycle is captured to reuse to conserve even more water. The water that is not reused is safely disposed of into the sewer. In addition Jolly Washer Express uses environmentally friendly shampoos that are biodegradable and non-corrosive.

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Fleet Program

Jolly Washer Express always welcomes the opportunity to help local groups and charities in their fundraising efforts.

Please contact us for information on the programs that we offer. We are also always interested in exploring additional ideas that you may have.

Jolly Washer Express wants to save your company money. Our fleet program is designed to keep your fleet of vehicles clean, shiny and protected, all at a very low cost. It requires minimal effort on your part and saves you time and money. Please contact us for more information