Jolly Washer's Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

Environmentally Friendly

Jolly Washer Express prides itself as being the greenest most environmentally friendly carwash in Sonoma County.  Our carbon footprint has been minimized by installing high efficient LED light fixtures throughout the property.  These light fixtures not only use a fraction of the electricity, but also have motion sensors which dim the light when no one is present.  Additionally, our solar panels produce enough electricity to power 10 homes. 

In order to conserve Santa Rosa’s drinking water supply, Jolly Washer Express uses well water to wash your car.  Part of the water used in the wash cycle is captured and reused to conserve even more water.  The water that is not reused is safely disposed of into the sewer.  In addition Jolly Washer Express uses environmentally friendly shampoos that are biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Besides being more environmentally friendly than traditional commercial carwashes, Jolly Washer Express wants to pull people out of their driveway.  A person washing their own car in their driveway uses 50-150 gallons of fresh water.  That water mixes with harmful soaps and drains into our streams and rivers.  Many communities have banned driveway carwashing, not just because of the wasted water, but because of the phosphates, soaps and chemicals entering into fresh water systems.

Jolly Washer Express is a proud member of WaterSavers, a car wash industry program dedicated to raising awareness for water conservation and environmentally friendly practices at professional car washes.

By washing your car at Jolly Washer Express you are doing the environment a favor and are saving our drinking water supply at the same time!

Save Water With Jolly Washer's Eco-Friendly Car Wash