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The Express Carwash is a new phenomenon in Sonoma County. According to, a leading voice in the carwash industry, the express wash model is composed of four fundamental principles:

  1. Low Base Price (Price should be no more than $7)
  2. Free Vacuums
  3. Six-Minute Wash Cycle (Time vacuuming is not counted)
  4. Maximum Automation (This includes the use of automated pay stations)

Considering these four principles we can say with certainty that Jolly Washer Express is the only true Express Wash in Santa Rosa.

We will wash your car for $7 in less than six minutes and will never have an attendant trying to sell you extra services at the pay station.

So if you want a clean car fast and free vacuums come visit us today. And if you want the best deal in town, ask us about our Unlimited Wash Club!

Green Jolly Washer Car


Our Unlimited Wash Club is the best way to have a clean car all the time.  For only $30.00 per month, our members enjoy our Premium wash ($14.00 value) every time they visit us.  The membership starts saving you money on the second visit of the month.  So if you wash your car more than once per month, JOIN THE CLUB!

Red Jolly Washer Car


When you sign up for our Unlimited Wash Club, we place a small RFID sticker on your windshield that will automatically open the gate to our wash.  Your credit card will be charged once per month and you will be able to wash your car as many times as you’d like.  It’s that easy - once you are in the club all you have to do is drive up and we will wash your car. 

Green Jolly Washer Car


By joining our club, you will be able to wash your car as many times as you want for one low price.  All it takes is for you to wash your car twice in one month to save money. 


Hours: Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm | Saturday 8am to 7pm | Sunday 8am to 6pm